Who we are


It was born by chance.
Like all the most beautiful things.
It was born to make a collar for one of our greyhounds.
Then we thought, why not make colorful and original dog collars by hand and help those who need them?

And here it is Mabel Dog!
Mabel is the name of one of our rescue greyhounds, which he had when he was still in Spain at the Fundación Benjamín Mehnert.

We create dog collar, greyhound collar, dog necklaces, clothing, greyhound t-shirts and other dog accessories.
Different, colorful, original, handmade and supportive!
For each collar sold, we donate part of the proceeds to support the Fundación Benjamín Mehnert, to help Spanish greyhounds still looking for a home.


Progress must have the sole purpose of improving living conditions.
Of all.
So we have, by chance, come across this material.
Mabel collars are made of BioThane®, a material composed of nylon and polyester covered in closed cell thermoplastic polyurethane.
It is a super resistant material, to traction and wear.
Unassailable from dirt and sweat and mold.
It does not require any maintenance.
The colors are indelible, it does not absorb water. It does not require maintenance.


resistant to bacteria

it does not get moldy

Easy to Clean

Highly Resistant

wear resistant

cruelty free

animal friendly


do you want to make a personalized collar?

Write to us by filling out the form on the side, you will be contacted as soon as possible for all the information necessary to make your dog's collar.

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